Parkinson’s Disease may be preveventable!

 Recently I heard Ray Dorsey MD, a researcher and  neurologist discuss that Parkinson’s Disease was uncommon, but now is exploding in the number of cases over the last 20 years. First off only about 25% may have genetic associations. Head injuries from football are an obvious association. Chemical associations from pesticides, herbicides, and dry cleaning chemicals have strong associations with Parkinson’s disease.  Our aging population is another risk factor. Diabetes and hypertension are treatable factors. It is likely there are multiple factors accounting for this terrible problem.  Likely toxins mixing with inflammatory/ genetic factors.  The problem may not involve high chemical work exposure.  And the effect may be delayed years after the exposure.  The problem may be complicated by lifestyle. Toxins such as smoking and alcohol may trigger symptoms. The Standard American Diet with high sugars and saturated fats may increase the onset of the disease.  The Mediterranean, Dash or Mi

Blue Zones longevity

 A Recent Blue Zones article on longevity suggested social contacts may be more important than diet, exercise and medication.  Isolation and loneliness may be associated with heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The problem of aging is complicated by children moving far away, friends becoming ill and dying or also moving.  Having a friendly loving long term relationship is helpful, but also can be suddenly destroyed.   The good news is we have the capacity to make friends with many people.  One suggestion made was volunteering.   Another way to link.  Being a helper in this world is good. Most of us just need to smile. A smile is very encouraging.  Of course some areas of the world may be hard to make close associations. They say in Washington DC, if you are a politician and you want a friend, get a dog.  
 I am a physician who recently retired from private practice.  I was a specialist in allergy and immunology, however I was always interested in trying to help them solve other problems.   After 40 years of  seeing patients, my wife said you don't know how to retire.  Maybe this blog will help me figure out what I should be doing in my retirement.   There are certainly many problems that are hard to solve,  however sometimes solutions can be found.  Dialog is often helpful.  research is sometimes helpful.  Sometimes research is hidden, but the solution for one problem may help solve another.   Preventative strategies are important.. What we think, act, and eat influence us.  The main point is to avoid doing too many of the terrible things that can damage us.   Along the way have some fun.