Parkinson’s Disease may be preveventable!

 Recently I heard Ray Dorsey MD, a researcher and  neurologist discuss that Parkinson’s Disease was uncommon, but now is exploding in the number of cases over the last 20 years. First off only about 25% may have genetic associations. Head injuries from football are an obvious association. Chemical associations from pesticides, herbicides, and dry cleaning chemicals have strong associations with Parkinson’s disease.  Our aging population is another risk factor. Diabetes and hypertension are treatable factors. It is likely there are multiple factors accounting for this terrible problem.  Likely toxins mixing with inflammatory/ genetic factors. 

The problem may not involve high chemical work exposure.  And the effect may be delayed years after the exposure.  The problem may be complicated by lifestyle. Toxins such as smoking and alcohol may trigger symptoms. The Standard American Diet with high sugars and saturated fats may increase the onset of the disease.  The Mediterranean, Dash or Mind diet may prevent or reduce symptoms. Ray Dorsey’s book Ending Parkinson’s Disease, a Prescription for Action is a useful resource of preventative strategies.  

A key point is prevent the onset of Parkinson's disease.  Once it occurs, strategies of change of diet, exercise, weight loss, control of blood pressure and diabetes have less benefit.  

The illness is progressive and becomes less responsive to medications.   Act when you do not have Parkinson's disease.  Act in a preventative way.  Maintain ideal body weight, move daily, eat more of a plant based diet.  reduce sugar intake, reduce or eliminate alcohol intake, don't smoke and don't use Marijuana.  


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